Jonathan Skudlik

Herzogstr. 59
80803 München

+49 151 644 09 526

jonathan [at]



August 1999 - July 2003                           Elementary School - Grundschule am Spitalplatz


August 2003 - July 2011                           Highschool:

                                                          Rhabanus-Maurus-Gymnasium St. Ottilien

                                                          Languages: 1. Latin 2. English 3. Ancient - Greek


Juli 2011                                          A-Levels (German Abitur)






March 2013 until now:                              Spielmannsbilder, Munich, Germany:

                                                          I founded „Spielmannsbilder“ - a photography and flim agency - in 2013                                                              and have been working for clients like FIFA, SOS-Kinderdorf, and                                                                Fressnapf. Our service also includes, graphic- / webdesign and brand                                                            management.


November 2012 - March 2016:                Gallafilz GmbH, Munich, Germany

                                                          FIFA Interactive World Cup:

                                                          Project Management, Event Management, Player Management,

                                                          Content Production, Coordination of Filming, Event-Photography.



September 2012 - March 2015: LIKKA, Landsberg, Germany

I overtook managing responsibilities alongside the owner of this café and bar on weekends. My responsibilities were staffing, quality management and chief of bar. My main project however was the entire redesign and re-launch of the brand. My assignment ended after the successful relaunch in March 2015.



November 2008 - September 2010:        Raphael Roggendorf, Germany

                                                          I helped building up the fashion label „RAPHAEL ROGGENDORF“ from                                                                   ground           together with my brother and cousin. I was able to learn the                                                                       first steps of entrepreneurship in the process as I had first hand                                                               insights in all parts of the company. The label relaunched in 2014!



March 2007 - August 2011:                      Katholische Kirchenstiftung „St. Johann Baptist“, Pitzling, Germany:

                                                          My first part-time employment at our local church. I was assigned to                                                                      play organ at the service and was responsible for the entire musical                                                                      service throughout the year.